Every year of the Age of Magic was inscribed on the Twin Tablets of Fate. We’re getting awfully close to the end of the second Tablet.

Augurs and Oracles have searched high and low for the whereabouts of a Third Tablet, but each one reports the same horrifying response: the four hundred and four omens of the unfindable answer. Could the Age of Magic be drawing to a close?

The Wizards of your Arcane College will follow you until the end, even if that end is sooner than everyone would like. Draw mana from the ground while there’s still mana to be had, and hide it in Arcane Wonders and Towers sturdy enough to weather the final days of an age.

Tower of Power is a 30 minute simultaneous action selection game for 2-4 players. 
Players are high-fantasy preppers, stockpiling safe havens and important relics against an unimaginable calamity.

This game is in an alpha state.
Check out the rulebook here for prototype version 3.0, grab a print and play copy of the game by clicking on this link.