Together, we're building something better.

Skyward is a 30 minute card-drafting game for 2-4 players.  Players vie for resources, haggle with each other and launch magnificent buildings into the sky to help populate the Airborne City.  The Player who builds the best city will be lauded as a hero by one and all, and they win the game.

Skyward is also a game about the "I cut, you choose" traditional method of cake distribution. 
At the start of each round, one player takes on the role of the Warden.  The Warden deals cards from a central deck and then splits them into piles, dividing buildings and resources among those piles as they see fit.  But being the Warden is not a ticket to absolute power!  Each player takes turns choosing a pile of cards to add to his or her hand, with the Warden choosing last.

Skyward was successfully Kickstarted by Rule & Make in 2016.  You can see the campaign here.

To see the game in more detail, check out the Kickstarter page, or the Rule & Make website!

 Artwork by  Steven Preston

Artwork by Steven Preston